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Have you just moved to France? Starting a new job? Envol Linguistique is a learning platform specially developed to help you settle into your new life and speak French with confidence.

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Envol Linguistique for a successful integration.

The Envol Linguistique's School was born from a scientific and personal approach. As an expatriate myself since 2012 and also a researcher in foreign language acquisition, all issues related to integration are of particular interest to me. Thus, the school's mission goes beyond teaching the French language. We want to help you learn French with all its particularities, to understand the cultural and social codes intrinsically linked to language and to help you succeed in your integration.

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Bom dia !!! Excepcionalmente Maravilhoso, pessoal muito atenciosos e cordiais. Comunicação e Informações precisas e objetivas. Fiquei absolutamente satisfeita ao conhecer Envol Linguistique. Graças a equipe Envol consegui orientações até na parte burocrática de documentação para todos os tipos de documentos. Recomendo. Excelente Profissionais !!!
Excelente interação desde o momento em que envie mensagem para obter maiores informações sobre o serviço a ser prestado. A Gabriela tem nós auxiliado muito, sempre com muito cuidado e atenção.
Flavia Oliveira
Flavia Oliveira
Envol Linguistique m'a beaucoup appris la langue française, il m'a aidé à organiser mes pensées et m'a facilité la langue davantage. Il y a une belle séquence dans les leçons qui vous aide à installer et à mémoriser plus de mots. Je vous conseille de vous abonner et de profiter avec nous.
Safa Al-Hubishi
Safa Al-Hubishi
J'en ai grandement profité et j'ai appris beaucoup de vocabulaire, et je suis devenu capable de le formuler facilement dans une phrase. Envol Linguistique m'a aidé à m'engager dans l'étude de la langue. Je vous conseille de vous inscrire immédiatement.
Safi Hamzawy
Safi Hamzawy
Excelente atendimento! A Envol Linguistique me deu todo suporte necessário para meu processo de imigração e integração na França, recomendo muito!
Giovana Innocencio
Giovana Innocencio
Eu super recomendo a consultoria da Gabriela Envol Linguistique, estou de mudança da Inglaterra para France e Gabi esta fazendo toda Documentation que esta maravilhoso para nos, Gabi muito obrigada pela excelência do seu atendimento e trabalho.
Walquiria Ibanhes
Walquiria Ibanhes
The school's method is one of the best I've ever known. Teacher Gabriela's patient, very organized and she has this huge background that increases the school's quality. She gathers students from all over the world inside the same classroom, where they can learn a lot from other cultures. All the classes are 100% in French, even the very first one, and this contributes to the understanding development of the amazing language that is French. I recomend Envol Linguistique with all my heart <3
Winnie Prado
Winnie Prado
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Envol Linguistique was born of an approach that is both scientific and personal. I'm an expatriate myself and a researcher in foreign language acquisition. I created Envol Linguistique to help you get your French off the ground and make the most of your integration.

Gabriela Viana
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