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Envol Linguistique is a learning platform dedicated to helping you speak French with confidence and successfully integrate socially and professionally in France. Do you want to learn French but don't know where to start? Test your level and enjoy a 15min conversation with the Envol Linguistic team to identify the best course for your needs.

Our courses are 100% online and adapt to your pace and needs. Book now our online French courses standard beginner or higher on our online platform (9 lessons with ebooks accompanied by more than 50 videos, with or without workshop), or our one-to-one private lessons for all levels. Our conversation workshops online courses, intermediate or expert level, of four one-hour sessions in small groups will resume soon.

You needhelp with your administrative procedures or to better understand the French system? Choose our services validation of diplomas, proofreading of CVs and cover letters, and assistance with integration into France to help you settle in under the best possible conditions.

Whatever your request, we are here to help you and get you off the ground!

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Our Online Courses

to get your French off the ground

Our courses for beginners

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Our intermediate courses

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Our Private Courses

to progress at your own pace

Our private lessons for all

Are you a student of French who needs to work on a specific point of grammar or boost your pronunciation? Would you prefer to have a teacher just for you? Visit private lessons sare an excellent way of progressing at your own pace and achieving your goals, whatever your level.  

You will have the privilege of boosting your oral skills, asking questions and correcting your pronunciation, in a personalised setting that is optimal for learning. The expert teacher will adapt the course to your specific needs. 

Discounts apply depending on the number of sessions chosen (5, 10 or 15 sessions). Book now and get your French off the ground!

Book your individual one-hour sessions, whatever your level.

One-to-one lessons with a specialist teacher to help you progress at your own pace. Please contact us if you have a specific request (business or other).

Beginner, intermediate or advanced level

43 per hour, beginner level
45 per hour, intermediate or advanced level

Discounts apply depending on the number of sessions.
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Our Conversation Workshops

to improve your oral French

Our conversation workshops

Are you at a stage in your learning of French where you are beginning to understand the language well, but when you move on to speaking it you feel blocked? You've been living in France for a while, but you're not at ease communicating in everyday situations? Do you feel that your accent is blocking you? Do people not understand you in everyday situations because you can't pronounce certain French words properly?

The conversation workshops are an excellent way of getting over the hurdle and finally getting to grips with oral language and practising the more informal French spoken every day, right through to the more formal French spoken in a professional or academic environment.

You will have the privilege of boosting your oral skills, asking questions and correcting your pronunciation. The expert teacher will give you the keys to understanding how to communicate in different situations, depending on how close you are to the person you are speaking to, the purpose of the exchange, the age of the person you are speaking to, and so on. Yes, all these aspects have an impact on the way you speak a language, and you need to adapt your register accordingly. 

Join the group and get your French off the ground!

Date of next workshop: 2 May 2024.

level required: A2

Registration is now open for the November conversation workshops. The workshops take place online, once a week for 4 weeks, every Thursday from 10.10am to 11am.

Price for 4 sessions: 97 euros. For registrations before 30 April: 10 % discount with code ATELIER10

Please note: small group size. If the workshop is full, please contact us for the waiting list.

Our services

To help you with your integration

Are you about to move to France or have you just arrived and don't know how to get your diploma validated from abroad?

We will be able to help you with the procedures, guide you towards the best choices for your validation so that your career takes off in France.

Do you want to change jobs? We can also help you with your professional transition (university enrolment, change of profession, procedures for opening a business, etc.).


CV proofreading

Are you preparing to apply for a job that interests you in France and need someone to read your CV and covering letter? Do you need help finding the best turns of phrase to highlight your skills?

The CV and cover letter proofreading service will correct your text and suggest the best wording.

Do you need someone to write the letter with you? No problem, you can count on us.


Integration aid

When you arrive in a new country, you can quickly get lost with the number of steps to take and the new social codes that you are not familiar with: registering your children at school, following up on an ongoing pregnancy, registering for social security or health insurance services, etc.

You have just arrived in France or you intend to live there? The Envol Linguistique team is there to help you complete your paperwork, apply for aid and make your social and professional integration in France a success.

The Envol Linguistique team is there to guide and help you.

Whatever your request, we are here to help your career take off!

Book your interview now.